Monday, February 1, 2010


I spent some time checking out and it was pretty interesting. It is interesting to see other people's bookmarks. I can see where you can get new ideas to find information based on the different bookmarks. I also like how things can be categorized by tags. The tags become more narrow in focus the more you search.

I looked for education sites under the education tags. Many different sites popped up. I could narrow my search by hitting a tag, or by using the search window. I looked up sites for the Lakers and for Notre Dame. I found sites that I visit regularly and some I've never seen before.
I also took some time and looked at other people's bookmarks. Some guy had 10 pages of bookmarks!

I do see how a social bookmarking site would help in research. There are so many sites listed. I'm not entirely sure how it would help my teaching job just yet. I'm sure it will as time goes on. I think it could be useful to share colleagues sites. I can see that as being useful. I'm not sure how I'd use this with studentsjust yet. Delicious is a very interesting site and social bookmarking is an interesting concept.

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