Saturday, January 30, 2010

Technology I Can Use Now

I believe the most useful technology that I can use right now is the podcast. I think downloading game film, or snippets of game film, and practice film could be very useful to our kids. Our kids ask for film all the time. They love to watch. We could do a real service to them if we had the capacity to have the film as a podcast that they could download. I need to further research how to upload a podcast every week, but I think it could be done. Now if it meets with our IT departments blessing is another matter. I also don't know if it is possible to do at my school. I may have to start small and work my way up.

Someday, I see film exchange as easy as downloading a podcast. No more driving to a remote location early in the morning. You'd have the game film ready to go when you were ready to get to work.

There are some questions to consider. How can you keep your opponent from seeing practice film? Is every team you play going to have the same technology you have?

I also believe podcast would help in my teaching job. I would like to start out with a rules and regulations podcast that could be downloaded by students and parents. It is funny how kids forget some rules during the school year. Having a podcast that would be available for a reminder would be helpful. A podcast for the beginning of each unit would be helpful as well.

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