Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Google Docs

Google Documents was a very interesting site, and I am interested to view it further. If the quality is good, I could see this being an end to software. All one needs is Internet access. I like that there were templates for the different type of document you might need. Would be very good with resumes. I also think a person could use Google Docs on an iPhone or Blackberry for some small projects. I think it is a very powerful tool to be able to share your documents. What a great thing for collaboration. I'm sure I'm just seeing the tip of the iceberg with this. I can see sharing a scouting report with other coaches using this technology. Heck, you might also be able to send it to players through e-mail. I can see sharing fitness scores on a spreadsheet to colleagues via the computer. Very interesting stuff.


  1. Coach, you are right. Google docs has unlimited possibilities. In both personal world and business world. I am already using it for my financial records and budget plans personally. But will use it for work as well. Microsoft and software companies must come out with something big or else this will take over. Good Post.

  2. I found google docs to be most interesting. I already need to share documents with my athletic department and have set up my tennis schedule on the google docs. I can't believe how much time this will save for both sides of using a document. I agree with you that it is probably the tip of the iceberg. Good post. Rebecca

  3. Brian,
    I agree with you how others can implement their thoughts, revisions, and comments in various types of documents. This can/will very much pay attribute to solid collaboration in any setting. In the coaching aspect, I can see Google Docs being widely incorporated by teams in terms of scouting opponents. Coaches now days are always looking for ways to implement the best opportunities for successful teams- I feel that Google Docs will do just that. Interesting stuff Brian.