Thursday, January 28, 2010

Web 2.0

The site I searched was Farecast powered by Bing. It was a great web site. One in which I will be returning soon. I first checked for hotels in Las Vegas. Farecast would show you the rates it could get, and it even let you pull up the competitors prices for comparison. The Farecast hotels also had a rating system that told you if you were getting a deal, an average rate, or not a deal. You could also click on a button and the page would pull up a graph so you could see what the prices have been for a 2 month period. I searched for a room during Super Bowl weekend. I was very surprised by what I found. There were many deals out there, and a few places were not a deal. I also searched the flight section. Its rating system indicated if the price of the flight was going up, staying steady, or the price was falling. Another neat feature was you could book the room or the flight right on the Farecast site. Farecast would take you to orbitz, or another type of site to book. Farecast is a very cool site and everyone should check it out.

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  1. I will definitely have to check out Farecast. My wife and I are finally hoping to take our honeymoon. We got married the week of September 11th. So thanks to Bin Laden, we never made it to the beaches of Hawaii. This year we plan to go to Mexico after basketball season. I sure hope Farecast can help!!