Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Interesting Items From Week 2 Articles

In the article, "Social Networking" I was interested to find out that more than 1 billion people have become connected to the World Wide Web, and more than half of American teens use social networking sites. Facebook and like formats can be good sources for people to connect, but only with certain rules and etiquette.

The Neomillennial User article was hard to read at the start, but had some good information in the middle. First of all, I had to really focus on what the heck neomillennial meant. The basic idea is that the newer generation is "always on" with interactive media. Learning experiences will have to adapt technology into lessons such as RSS Feeds, Weblogs, iPods, Social Networking Sites, etc. These technologies will help develop learning communities.

The Social Software article was interesting in the fact that the article tried to show that Social Networking sites can have positive and negative aspects to using it in education. A positive is the collaboration that can happen. Students can feel like they are really working together. Unfortunately, people can be rude, vulgar, and mean on these sites. There are many examples of cyber-bullying.


  1. I too was taken back by the amount of users on the world wide web. Also in the article The Neomillennial User, I found it most interesting. I know that newer generations will always be on the cutting edge, but it is us the older crowd that needs to keep up and use the technology available to teach and be heard. Thank you for your comments. Rebecca

  2. Brian.. I agree that the neomillenial article was a little hard to read at first. But it was very informative and had many great ideas and examples. On my blog I failed to mention the negatives of the social networking. Great points!! Cyber bullying, rude and vulgar behavior would be something that we as educators would have to discuss and address with our students. Great post Coach... TJ

  3. Seems like social networks sites are the norm for so many of my students. They are constantly trying to check their accounts at school which prevents them from doing it. I could see why the school would do that. Like you mentioned etiquette and rules need to be adhered to because those sites could have material that is inappropriate.
    As educators we must stay up to date with technology. We have to know what forms of technology are out there and how we could apply them in the classroom. I know that Podcasts are something that I look forward to using. If used correctly technology will allow students to compare their work against the work of other students and reflect on the good work that they did or they will get a different perspective on their work and expand their learning experience.

  4. Brian, I completely agree with your comments made in regards with the Social Software article. It seems that today's youth are being bombarded with cyber-bullying. This is a serious problem that can affect a student's ability to learn, especially if that cyber-bully is in the same vicinity as the victim. On the contrary, I feel that social networking is also a great place to share ideas, and collaboratively work in sync with one another. Good post with regards to your comments!