Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Technology

I'm interested in how podcasts are going to change how classes are taught in the future. It is not hard to imagine that students may not always have to sit in a classroom to get their information. A perfect example is the Kinesiology Master's program I'm taking at Fresno Pacific. I never set foot on the campus, but I can gain information from my instructors through podcasts. Also, I can see how podcasts could help my football players watch game film or practice film on their own time if those films were in a podcast format. That would make the players so much more knowledgeable if they could do that.

How the education world decides to handle technology is going to be very interesting. Kids at our school get their iPods taken from them if they are caught with them at school. Is it that hard to imagine that in the coming years, all kids will need an iPod to download lectures they missed, a broadcast of school announcements, high school exit exam tutorial information, standard benchmark test remediation, etc. The list could be endless.

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  1. I too am interested in how classes are going to change due to technology. You are right; you can get so much information by using the technology that is out there right now. Podcasts like you mentioned are a great avenue to receive information. With the current budget crisis and class sizes increasing, I could see districts using this type of technology so teachers could teach to larger classes. Using this method a teacher doesn’t have to worry about class management issues especially at the high school level. I also like your idea of having your players use Podcasts to watch film on their own time.

    Kids at our school also get their IPods taken away if they have them in class. But you’re so right, what are they going to do when this becomes a more viable for students to receive information. It will be interesting. Good Post.--Ernie